Monday, May 16, 2011

Man on Man, or Woman on Alien Woman

Mass Effect, to me, has always been about a cool sci fi story, with good gameplay, and decent RPG elements to tie it all together.  Some people however can't get enough of their fake boyfriends/girlfriends.  While I get the appeal of seducing someone that you particularly like as a character just to see all the facets of what the game has to offer, many BioWare fans want more.

I wouldn't mind a little of that...
Not happy with the purely hetero choices of Mass Effect 2 especially after the symbolic lesbian choice in the first game if you were a female Shepard.  Technically the Asari are "mono-gendered," but that doesn't stop them from having nice racks and all female characteristics.  So backpedaling slightly in the second game you could only get what amounts to a little lap dance from your Yeomen, Kelly Chambers if you were a female Shepard.

Contrarily, you've never been able to engage in what would be considered a male on male romance, whether that be an alien male or human.  A lot of forum goers on the social website maintained by BioWare for all it's games have been clamoring for equality in romance partner choices.  Casey Hudson the games director who has been recently introduced to twitter is spilling the beans on a lot of the games aspects that people want to see improved.  Recently confirming that there will indeed be M&F same sex relationships.

Personally I don't really mind if the options are there or not, though I realize some people might not agree with them morally or religiously.  However, more choices in an RPG to me are never a bad thing, unless of course you are given far too many.  I don't really have a problem with a little more romance, but the thing I still don't get why it is so incredibly important to some people.  I play Mass Effect for the story and gameplay, not as a dating sim.  Having a relationship adds to your personally crafted story, but it seems like such an unnecessary thing to be devoting half your crew to the possibility of romance, when you should be out trying to save the damn galaxy.


  1. Haha, I always loved the choices in Mass Effect. If you don't want to sex up a blue woman, then simply don't, it's a choice.

  2. I am so in agreement with you. There's been this trend in games (especially lately) where a male character can just bone all over the place, but there's no real options for anything else. The backpedaling in ME2 just plain hurt; I get very invested in role-playing characters and relationships, and I really expected my Shepard to be given more of a romantic payoff in the sequel. But it's as you say, no such luck.

    Maybe ME3 will correct this. We can only hope.

  3. People are taking the romance thing to too far. It's cool and all, but Mass Effect is all about the epic story and gameplay like you said. It's not the Sims! Btw I banged Mirana hahahaha

  4. I've always played the Mass Effect games as male shepard and never really bothered to check out if there was a chance for him to be with another guy.
    But I am kind of surprised that the option wasn't in the game.

    I remember getting into a relationship with a guy in the original Fable, the "intimate" scene made me laugh so hard.

    Can't wait for ME3!

  5. it actually looks weirdly hot D:

  6. You know, I didn't really think about the variety in romance choices while playing through the games. This gives me something to think about.

  7. whatever you say, it's still weird.

  8. No romance, all action for this Commander.

  9. I think of it as one way of shaping your character, and the more choices the better! If your character is into the same/opposite sec, it may not change the main story, but its something about the setting you make up as you play..